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  • Note: dimensions are of the work itself and do not include any framing.
Strings. Acrylic 30”x40” $1200. framed
Music on a Sunny Morning . Acrylic. 10”x14”. $250. framed
The Colours of Music. 20”x16” Acrylic $400
Serenade. Oil. 20”x16”. $450 framed
Laïla and her Sax. Acrylic. 24”x12”
Bolero. Oil. 18”x24” sold
Appassionata Acrylic. 20”x24” $600.
Concerto. Oil. 10”x14” sold
Maestro. Oil 10”x14” sold
Symbiosis. Oil on acrylic. 18”x24”. $550 framed
Horns 2. Pastel. 12”x15”. $350 framed
In Motion. Acrylic. 24”x24”. $600
In the Groove. Acrylic on paper, laminated on board. 16”x12”. $300 framed
Rhythm. Oil. 18”x14” sold
Covid Concert. Acrylic. 16”x20” $400
Moment Musicale. Pastel on Terraskin. 12”x17”
In the Mood. Pastel. 12”x16” sold

Adagio. Acrylic. 16”x20”. $400
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