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Note: dimensions are of the work itself and do not include any framing.

Springtime at le Grand Séminaire Acrylic 16”x20” $400.
The Forest Path. Acrylic 24”x30” $700
Cabin in the Woods Acrylic. 20”x24” $600
Fern Forest 1 (Florida). Pastel. 11”x14”. $300 framed
Olive Tree. Oil. 16”x20” sold
Laïla in the Garden Acrylic. 20”x24” sold
Pine Tree in Autumn Pastel. 12”x9” sold
Dance of the Trees. Acrylic. 10”x20” sold
Westmount Park. Acrylic 8×10”. sold
Caractère. Oil. 24”x18” sold
Tango. Acrylic 24”x18” sold
The Red Maple. Acrylic 24”x18”. $500
Three Sisters. Acrylic 24”x12” $400
Winding Path, Wolf Island Acrylic.
8”x10” $125

Reaching for the Sun. Pastel on Mylar.
24”x18”. $600 framed
Parc St-Henri. Pastel 20”x25” sold
Hidden Treasure Acrylic 16”x20”. $450. framed
Gumbo Limbo Park (Florida). Acrylic. 12”x16”. $300 framed
Rhapsody in Red. Oil. 16”x8” sold
Spanish Moss (Florida) Oil. 14”x18” $375 framed
Autumn Sky. Pastel. 16”x20”. $450 framed
Social Distancing Acrylic 16”x20”. $400
At Peace.
Oil. 16”x20” sold
The Old Birch. Oil on Mylar 18”x24” $600. framed
Autumn in the Park. Acrylic 24”x24” $650

Under the Trees. Oil. 18”x24” sold
Cypress Knees (Florida). Oil. 16”x20”. $400
Rhapsody in Blue. Oil. 24”x12”. $400.
The Chapel Door. Acrylic. 12”x12”. $175


Olmstead Trail in Winter 1. Mixed media on Mylar 17”x22” $475. framed
Stroll on Mount Royal. Acrylic 20”x24” $600. framed
Winter Storm. Oil. 10”x14” sold
Winter Fun. Mixed media on Mylar. 12”x9” $250. framed
Amiel’s Trail Mixed media on Mylar. 17”x22” sold
Olmstead Trail in Winter 2. Mixed media on Mylar. 17”x22” sold
The Three of Us. Oil. 6”x8”. $125. framed
Winter on Mt. Royal Oil 20”x16” sold
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