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Note: dimensions are of the work itself and do not include any framing.

Springtime at le Grand Séminaire Acrylic 16”x20” .
The Forest Path. Acrylic 24”x30” $700
Fern Forest 1 (Florida). Pastel. 11”x14”. framed
Olive Tree. Oil. 16”x20”
Laïla in the Garden Acrylic. 20”x24”
Pine Tree in Autumn Pastel. 12”x9”
Dance of the Trees. Acrylic. 10”x20”
Westmount Park. Acrylic 8×10”. $125
Caractère. Oil. 24”x18”. $550
Tango. Acrylic 24”x18”
The Red Maple. Acrylic
Three Sisters. Acrylic 24”x12”
Winding Path, Wolf Island Acrylic.
8”x10” $125

Reaching for the Sun. Pastel on Mylar.
24”x18”. $600 framed
Parc St-Henri. Pastel 20”x25”
Hidden Treasure Acrylic 16”x20”. $450. framed
Gumbo Limbo Park (Florida). Acrylic. 12”x16”. $300 framed
Rhapsody in Red. Oil. 16”x8”
Spanish Moss (Florida) Oil. 14”x18” $375 framed
Autumn Sky. Pastel. 16”x20”. $450 framed
Social Distancing Acrylic 16”x20”. $400
At Peace.
Oil. 16”x20”
The Old Birch. Oil on Mylar 18”x24” $600. framed
Autumn in the Park. Acrylic 24”x24” $650

Under the Trees. Oil. 18”x24”
Cypress Knees (Florida). Oil. 16”x20”. $400
Rhapsody in Blue. Oil. 24”x12”. $400.
The Chapel Door. Acrylic. 12”x12”. $175


Olmstead Trail in Winter 1. Mixed media on Mylar 17”x22” $475. framed
Stroll on Mount Royal. Acrylic 20”x24” $600. framed
Winter Storm. Oil. 10”x14”
Winter Fun. Mixed media on Mylar. 12”x9” $250. framed
Amiel’s Trail Mixed media on Mylar. 17”x22”
Olmstead Trail in Winter 2. Mixed media on Mylar. 17”x22”
The Three of Us. Oil. 6”x8”. $125. framed
Winter on Mt. Royal Oil 20”x16”
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